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At OM corrugated pack Pvt. Ltd., packaging needs is our priority. With more than 39 years of experience In corrugated box industry we have expertise and necessary resources to provide packaging solutions for businesses. We are on extension of Industrial packers Co (IPCI), on earlier  successful initiative of entrepreneur Deo Narayan   prasad Singh. IPC is still a leader in packaging since its Inception in 1974. Our adherence lo high moral standards, values and integrity even now, flows from our founder and we intend, to keep it that way. Our corrugated boxes are tailor made to suit Individual business requirements, delivering "Right size", "Right quantity" "Right quality" at the 'Right time". OM corrugated pack offers genuine one stop shop for all packaging needs right from box design, manufacturing, print, to contract Packaging. We are capable of handling high volume orders as well as smaller customer requirements all with an unrivaled level of customer support. Strategically located on 100  thousand sq.ft.  of land near the growing industrial economic zone of Bihita, Patna (BIHAR), With a built up area of 50,000 sq.ft.  and production capacity of  more than 1000 tons month, it is set to be the largest corrugated box converting company in entire eastern region of India. Employing the latest technology, we can star
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